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What is Blogging? Definition of Blogging? Can be Blogging Make You Money?

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Blogging is one of the popular ways to make money online. It’s a great way to build your brand also an awesome way to monetize it. Nowadays, it’s the more popular career opportunity for digital marketers.

Twenty to Fifteen Years ago, blogging didn’t exist. Ten years later, mainstream media routinely used the word without bothering to clarify it. In 1994 when a blog began, a blog means more of a personal diary that people shared online. Once, people identified a great potential and opportunity to communicate information in a new way online.

What is a Blog?

A blog usually consists of articles related to a specific topic, which the readers can read and share their opinion with comment format. The content can be written by the readers as well.

The Blog word is a short version of the words “web” and "log". Blogs are different information on the web.

You can write about yourself and what is the thing you have done, or you can write about topics you are interested in. Most blogs provide a forum that allows visitors to leave comments and interact with publishers.

Why is blogging so popular?

Nowadays, blogging is more popular and has become a mainstream income source for online businesses. Over 91.8 million new posts are published each month on WordPress alone, there is no doubt that blogging has become mainstream.


There are three main reasons why the blogging industry is so popular and growing.


Blogging allows you to reach various online users. It is an amazing asset for SEO(search engine optimization). Creating quality content, and search loves that. This will increase the reach of your blog and expand the direction of your brand on the internet.


So many possibilities are blog providing, it is no wonder so popular. Starting from your traffic and reach, to building an entire career, blogging offers so many exciting possibilities. Exploring these possibilities based on your goals and want to grow your blogging career.

Ease of use

Apart from an idea and an internet connection, do you don’t need anything else to start blogging started as a career. The online blogging platform tools are incredibly user-friendly, enabling everyone to take up blogging as a hobby or a career. Also, you will find lots of online courses and guides to learn and improve your blogging journey.

Generate income

Once your blog is popular and gets the attention of the various audience, you can monetize and generate a passive income from this. This will be in different ways. Not just a passive income, even you can consider it as a full-time source of income.

Difference between Blog and Website?

Blog and website are similar, but one difference between these two blogs is updated regular basic with contents which are displayed by revising chronological order (the newest on first).

Websites are statical, these types of are not updated regularly. It's usually using business and personal portfolios types of content.

You can create both types of websites with WordPress and other free blogging platforms. Lots of bloggers and businesses proffering WordPress content management systems.

Structure of Blog

The Blogging Structures changing over time. Most of the time this, updating a new variety of widgets and items. But most Blogs keep some standard structure and features.

Common Blogging Structure

Blogging structure

1. Header with menu

2. Main content area

3. sidebar with favorite content or social profiles

4. footer with privacy policy, contact pages, etc…

Want to start a blog?

It’s easy to create your own blog. It’s takes a simple few steps to start of. Take a domain name and choose the best hosting platform to start your journey. But keep in that mind, earlier you need consistent effort to stand out from your competitors.

We have written a step-by-step guide, how you can start a successful blogging journey from scratch. This will help you to start a blogging without any treble, especially for beginners.

Read more… Start a successful blog, a-z step-by-step guide for especially for beginners.

Blog Content

When you come on the content part, Mainstream bloggers often say that “Content is King”. This means that a blog will be a success only without any compliment on the content. Good content helps always attract people, engaging people to the blog.

This will help you more revenue successful in the long term. Also, giving regular and consistent posts for the visitors helps your blog be more engaging and up to date.

Make money with Blogging

Blog monetization is multiple ways. When you first start blogging, these might not seem as profitable. Once it reaches the targeted audience and some consistent traffic on to your blog, then you can monetize your blog. But the number of visits is crucial for success. The more visitors, the more likely you are to earn more money from blogging.


Most Popular and commonly used way to generate income, from blogging. AdSense is the service offered by Google, Which means companies that want to advertise with the Google AdWords program, the advertisers who will be bid for space on your blog. Once you applied and get Google AdSense, The Google Ads are displayed on both desktop and mobile users.  

The best thing about Google’s absence, Google uses various algorithms to determine which ads will appear to your blog visitors, maximizing your profit. Automatically select ads that are most relevant for users, ensuring the highest conversion rates.

Start Google AdSense Account 

  • Create a Google account
  • Blog with 100% plagiarized content that complies with the program policies
  • A phone number
  • Mailing address verification

Affiliate Marketing

Another popular and best way to monetize your blog. For so many years Affiliate Marketing is one of the popular monetization tactics for Bloggers. Affiliate marketing is simply, the Affiliate marketers recommend third-party affiliate links on the websites to convert into sales to make commissions.

There are two roles in affiliate marketing. Merchants who own the product or service. And affiliates are promoting those products or services. Bloggers are affiliates, They join an Affiliate program, promoting affiliate links through their own Blog content.

Sponsored Posts

This is Another Monetization tactic for bloggers, create a post that will promote a third-party business, product, or service. Once you posted content on your blog, You will receive an agreed commission for the particular blog posts.

Key to success

We have already said, one of the main factors to succeeding in blogging interestry is content. Many newbie bloggers post faulty content in their early blogging journey. This will affect your blog growth and google ranking. Engage the readers with regular and plagiarism-free content to Long-term success.


Now that’s you know and gained some knowledge about what is blogging industry. Blogging is a great way to build your brand, drive traffic to your blog, more importantly connect and engage with your audience.

If you have any concerns and questions about blogging or anything else, please don’t hesitate to connect with us. We are always happy to help you.

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