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TimeBucks Website Review | Is Timebucks Legit or Not?

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Most people around us want to make money online. But nowadays lots of fake programs out there. One of the easiest and legit ways to make money online is using the time bucks website. So in this article, we’re sharing with you a full step-by-step guide on how you can use the TimeBucks website to earn a passive income online.

In this time bucks step-by-step guide, we will be witnessing what is time bucks, earning opportunities from TimeBucks, pros, and cons so on.

So read this article, get an understanding of Time bucks. Later, you can decide to join or not.

What is TimeBucks?

TimeBucks is an Australian clearing Pty ltd owned to make money online site, where you can earn money completing different types of tasks.

Many earning opportunities are similar to other GPT (get-paid-to) sites. But TimeBucks have their unique features. More importantly, they support different types of payment methods.

How TimeBucks Works?

It’s available all around the world, and you can sign up without any investment. The signup process takes less than a minute. Use email or Facebook account to complete the signup process. Also, you will get a sign-up bonus of $1.

Once you entered the signup details, and you will receive an email confirmation. So, you have to confirm that.

  • Signup with Facebook or Enter manually Email and Password
  • Then next page, Click “I Agree”
  • In the next page, Fulfill your Survey profile

In the time bucks Quality testing survey, you have to pass with 80% correct answers.

Ways of Earning From TimeBucks

TimeBucks provides different types of earning opportunities. Below are the methods to earn money from Timebucks.

Watching Videos

One of the most common ways of earning methods for all GPT sites. Timebucks also have a short video tab where you can earn a few cents.

This is an easy method to earn income. But in this section, earnings are very low. Not an option to boost your earnings in TimeBucks.

To find videos to watch, going into ‘content’ and scroll down the ‘video’ tab section.

Watch short videos daily on the video tab section, get paid. You can select which video you like, and according to your rewards will be.

Taking Surveys

TimeBucks Surveys
TimeBucks Surveys

Completing paid surveys in TimeBucks is a good way to earn money. They provide different types of surveys with different income streams.

Most of the surveys are providing survey routers and offer walls. The best thing about TimeBucks is they offer surveys in most countries.

But sometimes Surveys are time-consuming and hard to qualify, that's why we have already written an article about survey tips and tricks. Read here to know more   

Take surveys like sample cube, yuno, pollfish, peanut labs, etc… Surveys are available based on your profile and geographical locations.

Micro tasks

In this section, you can get paid from advertisers from TimeBucks for watching YouTube videos, completing app installation, visiting websites, etc…

This mainly provides other TimeBucks member advertisers with certain criteria and money. The microtask money is around $0.01 to $2.00 depends on the task.

You can always decide which task you want to do with task criteria. You see particular task criteria and paying amount before start.

Completing multiple tasks daily is a great and easy way to increase your income.

Offer walls

Like every GPT site, TimeBucks also have an offer wall section with tons of different offers. Like Adscendmedia, hideout, Adgatemedia, Wannads, and more…

Offer wall offers simply completing surveys or download apps, or signup on a website, or test products for free. Some offers are good rewards.

Simply click offers that’s you can do and according to the instructions and earn money. If not complete instructions successfully, you don’t get paid.

Other Earning content earnings

Here this section TimeBucks provides different types of earning opportunities. For example, earn by watching ads and watching slide shows where you can watch slide shows a certain amount of time. Doing different types of tasks, etc…

Here are Content Section Earning methods

  • Ad Clicks
  • Slideshows
  • Night fall news
  • Engage
  • Push clicks
  • Search
  • Word Slides
  • Videos

The good thing about the content section, you can always find earning opportunities in this section. This is easy to do.

TimeBucks Content Earning Methods
TimeBucks Content Earning Methods


In this section, you can get cash back’s from AliExpress when you are purchasing your needs. Or you can sell things to other people, and you will get a commission whenever anyone buys through your link.

Special category0%
Mobile Phone1.5%
Home Audio1.5%
External Storage1.5%
Internal Storage1.5%
Mobile phone Accessories4.5%
Interior Accessories4.5%
Garden Supplies4.5%
Women’s Clothing4.5%
Men’s Clothing4.5%
Children’s Clothing4.5%
All Other Categories3.5%
TimeBucks Shopping Commissions

You can promote your links on social media platforms Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc… They’re not allowing to you promote yourself anywhere else like search engine advertising.

If you are planning to shop from AliExpress, you can this option to earn some cash backs.

Invite Peoples

Invite people to Timebucks, you will earn a 15% commission. This means your refer person earns $10, you will get a commission of $1.50. That’s not the end!! You will also get a commission when referring people to refer someone.

Also, you can earn a 10% commission on any user deposited funds on advertising. This means if any user deposits $100, and you will get a commission of $10.

Sweepstakes Giveaway

TimeBucks have Weekly entries on Sweepstakes, just being an active user on the site. If you are lucky, you’ll be able to win prizes weekly. It really increases your earnings.

winners total prize pool of $500 each. winners are drawn Friday at 12 am every week.

How to enter more sweepstakes

1. Daily login — entry 100

2. Any Task do and earn $0.001 — entry 1

3. Refer someone — entry 200

4. Watch video — entry 1

Also, you can increase your sweepstakes entries just by downloading TimeBucks Sweepstakes software. Running this software, you will get 100 free sweepstakes entries every 10 minutes!. Without doing anything.

The TimeBucks Software does mine cryptocurrency using unused processing power. So this will safe, and it’s worth your time.

TimeBucks Premium

Upgrading into TimeBucks Premium will increase your earnings, 25% more than normal earnings. For example, you earn $1 per week, with time bucks premium this will increase to $1.25.

This increment only excludes normal task earning and referral earning bonuses. Not for your existing earnings.

How TimeBucks Paid?

Timebucks pays every Tuesday automatically once you set up a payment method. The minimum payout threshold is $10. However, if you have to wait until earned a lot more, you can also choose to hold your payment when you’re asked to get out your money.

Once your payment threshold is reached, you can request payment using different methods. bank transfer, airtm, skrill, bitcoin, litcoin, etc…

TimeBucks Payment methods
TimeBucks Payment

Unfortunately, PayPal has not supported time bucks. If you want to receive payment, into PayPal. Then connect to AirTm, once you receive the fund in AirTm you can withdraw via PayPal.

TimeBucks Mobile App

TimeBucks have their own mobile app. This you can download in Google Play Store. Earlier, this app was called time bucks surveys. Now it is TimeBucks.

Once you have downloaded the app, then you need to connect your TimeBucks account. To do this, go to profile settings inside your TimeBucks account. There you can find a time bucks connect code, the bottom of the screen. So enter it when logging in to the app.

TimeBucks Mobile app
TimeBucks mobile app

TimeBucks Pros and Cons


  • Different earning opportunities
  • Trusted
  • Unique Earning Metodes
  • User-friendly
  • Verity payout methods


  • Geographical restriction
  • Some methods have low rewards
  • Not support direct PayPal payout

TimeBucks Legit or Not?

Timebucks is a legit make-money-online website that runs all around the world. Some features have geographical restrictions. It’s a great way to spend a spare amount of time, earn some passive income.

TimeBucks legit or not?
TimeBucks legit or not?

Also, you can opt to choose many types of earning opportunities. The more time you spend on time bucks, the more you will earn. Yes, some countries have more surveys and wall offers. That’s doesn’t affect your earnings. Because of, plenty of other methods are available.


TimeBucks is a rewards site that offers many ways to earn money online. One of their most popular ways to earn money online is by completing surveys. They also offer other ways to earn money, like watching videos or playing games. We hope you understand all about TimeBucks GPT in this review.

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