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You may have heard about short links, but are you making money from short links? You might not know it, but you can make money from short links. Not only that, but you can also make money from your own website with your own short links. This blog explores what short links are and how you can make money from short links using

What is shrinkearn ?,

ShrinkEarn is a free tool where you can create short links that get paid apart from being free. This short link maker is very easy to use. You can easily create links. You can manage your links, set up redirects, etc…

Most of the short link creation tools out there make you pay for creating short links(usually around $5) and then the earning potential is very limited. ShrinkEarn has a better model to it. You create short links for free, and you get paid for every visit.

How to sign up shrinkearn link shortener site?

Now you know you will be able to earn money by shortening links with shrinkearn. In the next step, starting a shrinkearn account.

Follow these steps to open a shrinkearn account

Click the signup button on the right of the home page. Click register a new membership below. Now you will see a form with four fields to fill out. Enter your Username, email address, password, and confirm password. Once fill out all those fields and simply click accept terms & conditions and “submit button”.

Now you can shorten links and earn money from shrinkearn.

How to earn in shrinkearn?

There are two methods available in shrinkearn to earn money. Type one you know already, the second method is to refer people to join shrinkearn.

Sorting links in shrinkearn,, earn money, make money online
Shrinkearn link shorting

To earn money shorting links,

First copy your log URL that wanted shortening

Then click dashboard, paste your long URL into your URL here section.

Then enter an alias,

Click shorten.

Once complete all those steps, you will be able to promote shorted URL into social media and friends to earn money.

Referring Friends,, link shorting services
Shrinkearn referral

Referring friends, colleagues, another great way of earning from Spread the shirnkearn shorten service program, earn more money than your link shortens earnings.

Refer your friends and receive a commission of 20% of their lifetime earnings.

Promote shrinkearn with their own referral banners and more leads. The ShrinkEarn widget is free to use, so start making money with your links today!

What is shrinkearn link shorten “alias” ?

Alias is nothing, it’s a simple nickname you are giving your shorten link. Also, you can blank this option when shorting a link. It’s an optional part of shrinkearn.

Alias example will this is “

Shrinkearn Mass Shrinker

Shrinkearn mass shrinker, where you can create bulk shorting links. Enter a maximum of 20 URLs at a time and shrunk and added to your shrinkearn account.

 Get free access to the largest backlink database for a limited time only!

How to withdraw shrinkearn earnings?

Shrinkearn provides different types of payment methods. It’s easy to withdraw your earnings from shrinkearn. They accept PayPal, Paytm, bitcoin, payeer, etc…, shrinkearn payout
shrinkearn payout

To withdraw your earnings, first, fill in your billing address and choose your payment method. Once you fill billing address and payment method, you can easily withdraw your earnings.

Here is the minimum withdrawal

PayPal — $10

Bitcoin — $10

Google Pay — $5

Paytm — $5

UPI&Bank Transfer — $5

PaySera — $5

Airtm — $4

WebMoney Z — $4

Perfect Money(USD) — $4

Adv Cash — $4

Payeer — $3

Is shrinkearn Legit or Not?

Shrinkearn is a legit website. The process of making money online can feel overwhelming. There are so many ways to make money online that it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why we discussed, a website that helps beginners find better ways to make money online.

Shrinkearn pros and cons


  • Reputable brand
  • More earnings
  • Great Refferal program
  • Low minimum payout
  • May withdrawal methods
  • Highest rates
  • 5 Lakh+ Active users
  • Good support system


  • Too many ads
  • Unwanted ads
  • No option to Limit ads

Grow your online visibility

We hope you enjoyed our ShrinkEarn review. If you have any questions or concerns about ShrinkEarn please contact us or comment below anytime. (MakeMoneyOnline-oo7) Thank you for reading, we are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on a topic like this!

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