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Roz Dhan Money Earning App | Complete Review

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Mobile applications have an important part in our life. Nowadays, we are using various mobile applications for entertainment, education, daily needs, communication, etc. apart from this, mobile apps are also helpful when it comes to making money online. There are lots of real and fake make-money apps available.

Here we will talk about a legit mobile app called Rozdhan. So, this blog, step-by-step guide on how you can make a passive income through the Rozdhan app.

What is Rozdhan App?

As we mentioned above, RozDhan is an online money-making app. With this app, you can earn money in many ways. Like installing apps, completing surveys, inviting friends, playing games, etc…

How to install Rozdhan App?

Downloading and installing the Rozdhan app is simple. Go to the play store or any app store To Install the Rozdhan app. But, the rozdhan app is not available for iOS users.

How to earn money From Rozdhan App?

After the installation process is complete, first, you have to create an account.

  • Log in Through phone number or Google Account and Facebook
  • Then Select your favorite Language
  • After that allow permissions
  • Then Get the Bonus, Enter This Code(05NQXN) on the Referral code section, You get instantly a rs.80 rupees Bonus.
  • Fill in some Additional information like name, date of birth, etc… to get more coins.

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Ways to earn money from Rozdhan app?

There are many ways available you can earn money from the rozdhan app.

Daily check-in

On the Earn Money Tab, Check-in Daily basics to Earn Extra Bonus Coins. This will increase day by day. If you forgot to check-in, this will restart day one.

Installing Apps

This is another method of earning. Download and complete the instructions given in the rozdhan app and Earn 1000,2000,5000, etc. Coins.

App installing offers will be updated daily. Please note, you will not get paid if you haven’t followed instructions correctly.

Playing Games

This is the popular method of earning in the rozdhan app. There are tons of games available in the app. Ludo, traffic, duck shooter, basket champs, truck soccer, Cpl, cricket Gunda, etc…

Simply click play, this will redirect to your default page and play your favorite games.

Rozdan games
Rozdhan games

Completing Surveys

Completing surveys is a great way to increase your income. Yes, it gives you more money, but sometimes surveys are a time-consuming process. We recommend reading our survey tips and tricks article and get the most out of paid surveys.

Complete big Survey Company Surveys like. Ad gate, yuno, in brain get more unlimited coins. 

Inviting people

Apart from surveys, inviting people into the rozdhan app is another way to increase your income. This method is highly workable.

Just share your Invite link or code on social media, earn a great passive income from the rozdhan app.

How to Withdraw Money from Rozdhan App?

There is a Limit to Withdrawing money from the Rozdhan app. Once you have reached a minimum of 200 rupees, Then you can request a payout to Paytm Wallet. 

If you add a pan card, they debit 10% TDS. Don’t have a pan card, they debit 20% TDS. However, you can reclaim your tax amount by filling the Indian Government Tax Form.

  • Click Withdraw on Earn money tab
  • Then add your Paytm number
  • If you have pan card, add
  • Click withdraw on Bottom
  • Payment will be received in 6-7 days
Rozdhan app invite code
Rozdhan app top earnings

Rozdhan Payment Proof

The Rozdhan always paying for me when the threshold is reached. Here are some payment proofs of Rozdhan app.

Rozdhan payment proof
Rozdhan payment proof

Is Rozdhan App, legit or Not?

Rozdhan app is legit, and India’s no.1 money-making app. They pay real money whenever request payout. If you are a student or working on anything together, you can earn money from this app, and you can easily withdraw your earnings to your Paytm wallet.

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