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Pidbux PPC Site Review | Is Scam or Legit?

pidbux review
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Nowadays, PPC(pay per click) ads marketing is the most popular advertising model. In pay per click, businesses and advertisers running ads only charge when users click their ad. The bid amount may affect ad placement, but the advertiser only pays for their ad clicked by an online user.

There are Many PPC ads networks available, You can make money online. I already share a few of them, and Today I will share with you Another PPC click ads platform that’s called

pidbux review,pidbux signup,pidbux refer code
Pidbux review

What Is

Pidbux is a PPC site, That’s you can generate passive online income. Also, pidbux is the subsidiary under Vuexybux, imdbux, and Challengebux. These companies come into the same owner.

Pidbux Launched earlier this year. They Support different payment systems like payeer bitcoin etc… Pidbux Project early stages, later they will provide More Payment Systems and more Earning Opportunities.

How To Earn Money From

There are Few Methods Available, You can Earn Money From

Viewing Ads

This is the main earning method in pidbux. Earn Between 2.8 and 0.7 coins per ad view.

To View Ads

  • Click Tab ‘View Ads’
  • Select the ad and Click
  • Wait the Timer runs out
  • Complete Captcha

Daily Bonus

In this section, You earn a random amount of coins per banner Ads click, up to 1 to 60.

pidbux bonus, pidbux signup,pidbux
pidbux Bonus

Referral Program

Inviting Friends and colleagues is another method of earning on pidbux. You’ll get paid up to 10% to refer advertisers and 5% from their Deposits.

Also, they are Providing Referral banners, so you can use those to promote pidbux through your own website.

How to Sign-up Pidbux?

You Can Open a Pidbux account free anywhere in the world. Sign up process takes less than 1 minute. Give Email ID and minimum eight-digit password to sign up pidbux.

pidbux signup

Pidbux Membership

Currently, Pidbux has 11 membership plans. Each of these plans is providing different benefits. Increasing earnings and referrals clicks are major benefits.

Standard, premium, Elite, Ultimate,premium360, Elite360, OnStar, Two Star, Three Star, Four star, Five Star These Are Pidbux Upgrade Account.

How to Withdraw From Pidbux?

Currently, three-way you can withdraw your earnings from pidbux. Payeer, Perfect Money, and Faucet pay.


  • Minimum RUB withdrawal 100 coins
  • minimum USD withdrawal 120 coins
  • Withdraw fee 0%

Perfect Money

  • Minimum USD withdrawal 120 coins
  • Withdraw fee 0%

Faucet Pay (BTC)

  • Minimum USD withdrawal 120 coins
  • Withdraw fee 0%

Plan Upgrade

There are different plans available. The Plans are the way to more earnings from pidbux. It’s profitable, and later you can convert into these mined coins to real money.

Pidbux Scam or Legit?

Pidbux is a legit Website. I already said above its chain of several projects. If you are Ready to Investment, then high positional earn more Money. But I don’t recommend investing more than you are ready to lose. At present, pidbux is paying, and it seems a very promising PPC site to Earn Money Online.

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