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Paidera review
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In these tough situations, internet has created many opportunities for people to start making money. Some of these opportunities are time-consuming, and some of them are not even legal. Online jobs are no less than real jobs. You will need to work on them, and you will be paid for them. In this blog, we will be covering a legit earning opportunity by simply completing surveys and quizzes called

What is Paidera?

Paidera is a make money online site that offers you to earn money online through a wide range of different activities. You can earn money from paidera by completing surveys, paid quizzes, and different types of microtasks.

Ways to Earn money from Paidera

There are different ways you can make money from paidera. No matter where are you living. It’s easy to complete.

Paid quizzes

Paidera paid quizzes paid quizzes

This is the unique method of earning in paidera. Quizzes are almost similar to surveys. But the main difference is quizzes you can do multiple times and there are no right or wrong answers.

Multiple attempts are only allowed if you have quota points. If you have more quota points, you can complete quizzes unlimited times.

Once quota points are over, you can’t take a part in any of those paidera quizzes.


Like all other GPT(Get Paid To) Websites, paidera also offers you to complete plenty of surveys. But surveys availability depends on your profile and geographical location. A good survey profile gives you an opportunity to part in different surveys.

Read more: Surveys tips tricks, before starting any types of surveys. 

Like every survey site, paidera mainly have two types of surveys providing. High-income surveys and low-income surveys. The name suggests high-income surveys give you more income if you have completed fewer surveys. But on the other side, low-income surveys give you less income completing a survey. It’s also easy to complete, compared to high-income surveys.

paidera surveys surveys

Paidera surveys normally paid $0.10 to $0.50 cents per successful survey completion. Most of the time, it takes 15 to 45 minutes to complete.

Micro Tasks

Paidera micro-tasks are third-party offers based on your age, location, and gender. Complete the task with the given instructions and get a reward right into your paidera account.

You can select tasks according to int what is required to complete, how much reward pays so on. So click on the task, start doing and complete properly to get the reward.

Paidera task rewards in cents, which means 100 cents equal to $1. You can multiply your payout. For example, if the particular task payout is 30 cents, you can multiply this by 18 cents * 0.01 = $0.30.

Create Videos

If you are a YouTuber, Then you can create a video using your native language and, let know to new paidera users how to use the paidera website properly.

Create videos on different topics like how to do tasks, how to do surveys, how to get quota points, how to withdraw money, how to do paid quizzes, how to make referrals etc…

Fill the video with particular category requirements and For every approved video, you will get around $.20 to $0.40. It depends on which category you are selecting.

paidera submit videos
Paidera submit videos

To submit videos

  • Go to submit videos
  • Select category
  • Fill the details (video title, URL, language)
  • Click submit your video

Referral Program

Inviting people into paidera is another way you can make money. Share your referral link and get $0.10 per referral. Not only that, payout up to $3 1000 referral clicks.

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How to earn quota points?

To earn quota points in paidera four ways

Submit a review about paidera on third-party sites(Trustpilot, and get 10 quota points for every successful approved review. Three quota points when someone signs up using your referral link. One quota point from when you are completing a task successfully. Then finally one quota point from third-party external surveys.

How does paidera pay?

Once the payment threshold is reached, you can request a payment to your PayPal account. If you have 150+ referrals, then the minimum payment threshold is $20. If not have referrals, you can withdraw your amount once it reaches $30.

To withdraw

  • Go to update payment information
  • Update your payment information
  • Then, got to payment requests
  • Enter Amount
  • Click request payment

Paidera Pros & Cons


  • Many earning options
  • Unique earning method(Paid quizzes)
  • Easy to use


  • Many advertisements
  • Only PayPal as a payment method
  • Payout threshold is high

How much you can make from Paidera?

There is no limit to earning money from paidera. Many ways you can earn money from this. In survey’s part, If you do work honestly and trustworthy, you can get lots of opportunities. Paid quizzes are unlimited, there is a little timer of completion. Otherwise, it’s a good way to make money. It’s all depends on your choice.

Paidera Legit or Not?

As of now paidera is legit and trusted make money online website. They paid users when payment threshold reached. Yes its has some negatives but they paid regularly.


We hope you enjoyed our article about’s make money online website. With this knowledge, you can make money with paidera and increase your earning methods online. Use this knowledge to start making money online singing up

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