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How to Start a Blogging: The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Successful Blog

How to start blogging with makemoneyonline-oo7
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Are You worrying about How to Start a Blog?

And are you looking for a guide to start a Blog? Then You are in the Right Place. In this Ultimate Guide, I will share with you, especially for Beginners. How to start a successful blogging career. Also, Step by step blueprint for Blogging success.

Who can blog?

The question about who can blog has become very common in recent years. Blogging can be done by anyone with no particular qualification. And the writers and other online content creators are all encouraged to join in this industry. But to attract and attract more readership and more visitors to your Blog.

You have to first become a ‘popular’ or an ‘expert’. And so many people have tried and failed to succeed. This should not discourage anyone. That is the beauty of Blogging. You can turn your knowledge into profits.

start blogging

How do I Begin with Blogging? When people are thinking of beginning a blog for the first time, they think about ‘what do I write. But we have a lot of great content bloggers out there who write about different topics. And most of them keep on publishing in online blogs.

Basic things to consider before starting Blog

Before you jump onto blogging and can’t find any posts, it’s because you didn’t do the following things right. Choosing a blogging platform will make or break your blogging career. Not choosing a suitable platform will waste a lot of time and effort. But, choosing it will make or break your blogging success.

Since it’s hard to pick the right one at the beginning. If you have the passion and do not have well-financed, you can consider a free platform, and I will tell you here that using Medium or Blogger would be a good choice.

If you don’t have the time to manage all the things related to this, you can choose the ultimate WordPress platform. A step-by-step guide to picking a blogging platform Read the Free Trial & trial Premiums Before you choose your blogging platform, make sure you check the trial and premium packages available.

How to get Started Blogging?

1. Create a Blog name.

3. Buy web hosting. Ex.

4. Install WordPress.

5. Design your WordPress Blog.

6. Customizing WordPress Blog.

7. Optimizing SEO(Search engine optimization)

8. Write your First Blog.

9. 5 Tips to write Attractive Blogging content

1. The First Step- Create a Blog name

I know you were dying to start your blog.

And the moment is finally here. You’re wondering which name would be good enough to start your blog. That’s the time to stop, think a bit, and come up with a good name for your blog. So you need to look for a domain name and create a blog name.

Don’t overthink and complicate things

Here are some Tips:

You should use one of the most common and generic words in the English language

Choose a name between 5 and 10 words

You can choose your personal name as a brand.

But I will say choose to name your niche-based

To check your potential brand name here

You need to find a unique domain name that may not be taken and that will provide a lot of potential for your site.

1. More prefer to select common domain extension .com or .net,

2. Don’t use simple, hyphens, etc…

3. Easy to understand and easy to pronounce.

Before you register a domain, you must find a reason why you should do it, or you will probably regret that you didn’t do it. Another interesting fact is that more than 48% of these domains are still unused and even dead domains.

2. Get a Web hosting

Now it’s time to do the Second Step,

If you want to start a successful blog, you will have to choose a reliable WordPress hosting company.

In a world filled with such competitors, it is not an easy task. There are so many hosting companies, some are excellent while others are not. To decide which hosting company is fit for you, it is important to make a successful blogging career.

  • Your Site performance will be depended on own you hosting
  • 24/7 Personal support
  • Reputable Brand
  • Money-Back Guarantee

All those things in mind, Now it’s time to take a decision

Good news, you found a great one here

I already said There are many hosting providers in the market, The most affordable reliable hosting provider in the market is Blue host.

Next, you will see different plans, the basic plan starting at $2.95 for a month. It’s included everything you wanted.

Why we Choose Bluehost for Your Blogging Partner?

  • Affordable pricing

The Bluehost Web hosting, affordable and one of the best in the market. If you are a beginner, it’s important to you get a Web hosting at an affordable price. That’s why we choose Bluehost for your Blogging Partner.

  • Great Customer service

One of the impotent factors when choosing a web hosting service. Bluehost proving their customer service with fully US-based. With an average of fewer than 30 seconds hold time. If you have any questions, they will provide anything of help, any time.

When you sign up in Bluehost, Bluehost will give you a 1-year free domain with other additional benefits. If you have already purchased a domain name, also, you can use it later.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

When you purchasing Bluehost, it’s easy to change your mind with Bluehost’s 30-day money-back guarantee.

Bluehost web hosing service, Bluehost offer

Sign-up Blue host

The blue host sign-up process is simple and easy to do. But still, confusing how to get started? I will help you

  • Click Get Started Button
  • Select your Proffered Plan
Bluehost signup, blue host sign in, start blogging with
Blue host signup
  • Enter Your Blog address(domain), which you decided earlier (Also you can choose later)
  • Check which domain extension is available
  • Now it’s time to create Blue host account
  • Fill up all details

Use Google sign-up process for faster process

  • Select your package
Bluehost web hosting plans, start a blogging
Blue host plans
  • Select Package Extras
  • Finally, fill up your Payment information

Now it’s time to joy. Also, congrats on your blog Creation

3. Install WordPress on Your Hosting

If you are chosen Blue host as your website hosting provider. Happy to say you are chosen the right way.

Once your hosting provider is confirmed, then you can’t a blog without the best blogging software. WordPress prefers and best blogging software to a successful blogging career.

According to Google reports, more than 60% of blogs are made with WordPress

Why WordPress?

Ultimate content Management system

WordPress is a content management system(CMS). This means that you provide all the content that makes up your site. So you don’t need any experience to build a functional, beautiful website.

Open source, free to use

WordPress is open-source, which means you have free to modify and build upon its software. Thousands of people working on this platform to improve every day. And It’s free to use without paying any fees.


Since WordPress’s birth in 2003, WordPress has most popular, Simple blogging software content management system over the years now. Running over the millions of websites.


Most WordPress themes are easy to use and easy to customize with zero experience and coding knowledge.

Here is the guide to install WordPress

Log in and click the Install WordPress icon

Select do it yourself and Click install

Then click the check domain button

Last Agree to terms condition and click install now

All the best to start a successful blogging journey.

4. Designing WordPress Blog

Choosing WordPress Theme is the most exciting and impotent part I this journey. It would allow you to design your blog without writing a single line of code or any coding knowledge.

There are thousands of paid and free themes available around you. Find a perfect theme that’s matched to your brand, name, etc.

You can change your layout/themes with simple few clicks

The first step towards the changing layout, you need to log in to your WordPress admin dashboard.

This way, you can sign up anytime in your WordPress admin dashboard.

Here is the WordPress login-form

WordPress login form, WordPress dashboard, start a blogging
WordPress login

Installing Theme

Once you have logged in to your WordPress dashboard, simply click “appearance” on the sidebar and select themes. There are lots of different types of themes available. Click Add new button and access those themes.

Wordpress Themes edit
WordPress Themes

You can look up themes with the WordPress filter option to your taste and preference. Featured, popular, Latest, favorite, etc…

After applying the WordPress filter option, you will see tons of different amazing themes with your taste and preference. If you click every theme, you will get an instant preview of the particular theme.

Once your preference theme installation is complete, click the Activate button to complete the process.

Also, you can consider premium themes to design for your blog.


5. Customizing WordPress Blog

Why WordPress is the leading website software, should be one of the major reasons behind that you can make endless customization to a perfect WordPress blog.

WordPress Templates are easy to modify according to your taste. Colors, fonts, headings, images all can be changed with the drag and drop method.

Start a blogging
Start blogging- Theme edit
  • Click Appearance on the sidebar
  • Select Customize
  • Simply change your site, according to your taste
  • Click save and publish

Best Affiliate products to make money from a blog

6. Optimizing SEO

Search engine optimization(SEO) is a really important aspect of running a website. Doing SEO it is easy to rank and find your website for Google what are contents you producing and get into targeted audience. In this part, we are discussing what is the important SEO setting to do your website.

Install wordpress plugin, wordpress plugin
Start a blogging-WordPress plugins

You can get started by downloading YOAST SEO Plugin.

To download the Yoast SEO plugin

  • Login your WordPress admin panel
  • Click Plugins
  • Click Add new
  • Search YOAST SEO plugin
  • Click install
  • Finally, Click activate the plugin

Once you Installed the Yoast SEO plugin, you will see a new SEO menu in the sidebar of your admin panel.

Yoast SEO important settings

You can see four important menu options in the Yoast SEO plugin. General, search appearance, social, ad Tools.

In the general section, you don’t need to change any settings. In the search appearance section, you will do some important setting changes.

Search appearance General part, select and edit title separator, enter meta description, add a social image and add your organizing logo.

Yoast SEO plugin settings, SEO, Yoast SEO
Yoast SEO plugin settings

The next important part is social settings

Add your or your organization’s social profiles one by one. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc…

Yoast SEO social profile settings
Yoast SEO Social settings

Every time made a setting change in Yoast SEO, don’t forget to save changes.

Installing Google site kite

Google site kite(Google Search Console) plugin, Google’s own developed plugin that helps word press websites gather data on their website. The data is gathered for traffics, impressions, location, devices, and other important data of your website. The Google site kite plugin, free and easy to use.

It’s impotent to start and run a successful blogging career.

Google site kit plugin, Yoast SEO plugin start a blogging
Yoast SEO, site kit plugin

Google site kite Supported tools

The Google site kit helps you analyze and shows key metrics of your site with different google products in one place.

Google Search Console

This tool helps understand how google search displays your page in google search results. View and track how many peoples visit your site, how many impressions made your site, and what are keywords they used to search your site.

Google Analytics

Explore and track users’ data such as what’s device their using to search your site, where your traffics comes from etc…

PageSpeed Insights

See and how your website is performing, the Internet with comparing other websites. Also, google page speed insights give you areas you can improve and view more user-friendly mobile and desktop.

Learn to How to install Google site kite on your WordPress website.

  • Go to WordPress admin panel
  • Click Plugins
  • Click add new
  • Search google site
  • Install and activate

Once installed, google site kit plugin, simply click sign with Google and verify your site.

Google site kit setup, how to start a blogging, setting up blog
Google site kit plugin

Done… You have connected search console, analytics, pageSpeed insights.

Just simple as that…

Google site kit setup, google site kit plugin, how to start a blogging
Makemoneyonline-oo7 Google site kit

Permalinks are one of the most important factors that will determine the success of your blogging career. If you have an unprofessional or incorrect permalink structure on your blog, you will not get the results you want. That is why it is important to make sure that you have the right permalink structure in place.

To fix the permalink structure

Permalinks, WordPress permalink settings, permalinks for WordPress 
how to start a blogging
Permalinks setting

On the left side of your WordPress admin panel, click settings and choose permalinks.

There are few options available to choose from, to the preferred structure of your blog “post name”.

Save settings and start your Blogging Journey.

Must Need SEO pages on your Blog

You have must include some necessary pages in your blog. Provide visitors to understand your blog and this will help you more trust in your blog. Also, these pages are important when you have a mind to apply AdSense in the future. The content of these pages remains static, so doesn’t need to do any changes.

Privacy policy

Your privacy policy page will outline to your visitors what data you collect from them and how you use it. Anyway, you have to collect data from your visitors, the privacy policy pages tell to visitors how you are collecting and how you will use it.

Contact us

Having a contact us page is one of the important things that you should have on your website. It is important because of various things. The main thing is that people would like to contact you without any hesitation. This page will help you with the things that you need to have and things that you shouldn’t have there.

About us

An About Us page is a great way to introduce your website and team to potential clients. This Page tells visitors, the summary of your website author(s) and your website Ultimate goal.

7. Write your First Blog

Congrats and all the best for your First blog post

Learning how to write your first article on your first WordPress blog. Writing an article is not a simple task, and best practices change every day.

It is not just the writing that is important, readability is also critical.

Search engines such as Google and other bots such as screen readers are read the text to decide how important your article is.

When screens readers read the text, the reader will decide whether the article is useful and hold on to it or get back.

If you write an article that is not easy to read, you may have just lost your audience.

Readability is an important factor.

Wordpress blog post
WordPress blog post

Write your First WordPress blogging post,

Login to your admin panel and click posts on the left sidebar

To write your first post, click add new top or sidebar of your admin dashboard

Now you are blog writing section, I know if you are a beginner, you may confuse to see this setup

wordpress blog post writing
WordPress Blogpost

Click on the + icon and see WordPress blocks, which allow to you add media, headings, paragraphs, and other Great features to make your blog more attractive.

WordPress blog post blocks
WordPress blog post blocks

To upload an image, click + icon and select the image. If you have an image on your computer and simply click the upload option, if not, select the URL option.

You can Resize, crop, or even add links to uploaded images.

8. 5 Tips Write an Attractive blogging content

Use a catchy title

The title will attract readers and if they click on the link they will have an ad space! The body copy is the most important. Use headers and sub-heads that stand out and catch the reader’s attention.

Also, use bullet points, If you use bullet points, you will be able to cover most topics in a few lines. For your visitors, this will be like a visual aid to help them understand the information you have provided. As a beginner, don’t make your posts too long Instead, use different sections in your posts to keep your readers interested.

Website headline analyzer
WordPress Website headline analyzer

Be Original

Writing is the final process of speaking to a person. If you can write well and have a good vocabulary, then you can write a blog about anything. The strength of a blog lies in its content and style. I think some of the hottest blogs are ones with great content, delivered professionally.

The pros are more important than the cons. Be Not Afraid to Be Personal, That is one of the reasons why people like reading personal blogs. People want to be in touch with their friends and families. A good blog gives readers a chance to learn from you. They learn interesting and exciting things. That is the reason some of the most popular blogs are personal blogs.

Be Real

The same rule which applies to the celebrity’s and the business tycoons are the same for you. If you’re not real, then nobody will find you, even your friends and relatives. Therefore, every person has his own way of speaking and think. If they find you saying something which isn’t real, they will not accept you.

Look into the market Before you start writing about any topic, make sure that you’re familiar with the existing trends and changes in the market. This will help you understand how your readers are approaching various aspects of blogging.

Use the right keywords

The first of the tips is “use the right keywords”. You must know what you want. The right keywords are keywords that will result in more visits. Do not write about everything. You must understand the importance of certain topics.

Use keyword tools to understand the particular keyword popularity and how readers behaving that keyword in the market. Semrush, Ahrfs, Google keyword planner, Ubersuggest are the top keyword researching tools.

Try SEMrush 14 day free trial and get the best out of it

Position Tracking Tool

Know your audience

Write from your target group’s point of view. Write on interesting topics, make your blog easy to follow, Be unique. Keep track of your readers. This way you can create a strong and trusting relationship. Give away something for free, and you will attract some fans, and write like you are writing to a friend, not a stranger.

9. Mobile-friendly website

Your website needs to be mobile-friendly if you are in today’s business. If your site is not mobile-friendly, it is missing out on around 50% of potential customers. It also means you are losing out on search engine traffic.

mobile friendly website
Make money online-oo7

According to a recent report by Google, the number of people using mobile devices to access the internet has increased drastically. In fact, almost half of all internet users are using mobile devices. With a huge amount of traffic coming from mobile devices, every website today needs to be optimized for mobile devices. A responsive website is a way to go.

Many reasons to have the importance of a mobile-friendly website when start a blogging career, these points have must remember.


Starting a blog is no small feat, and there is a lot that goes into it. We hope you found this article useful and that it helped you get started on your blogging journey! We know that starting a blog can be quite intimidating. However, if you follow the steps above and apply them to your own goals, we know you’ll have no problem setting up your blog.

When Your blog is successful, make sure you choose the right blog topic. Take the time to come up with a plan, and make sure you have a plan for what you’ll do after you launch. If you put in the work to create a useful, interesting blog, you’ll be rewarded with a passionate following that sticks around for years.

If you have any questions about setting up a blog, please feel free to reach out to us at makemoneyonline-oo7. We’re always happy to help!

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