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Feature Points Review | It’s Real or Scam?

feature points review
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There are many paid survey sites and apps available to you that allow you to make an income online. Surveys can be great opportunities to make money while utilizing your hobbies, things you’re already good at doing, or even something as simple as watching TV. I have already shared lots of paid survey sites and apps with you in many articles. so today I will share another one called feature points.

Feature Points Review

One of the nice ways to make money is an online opportunity with a simple interface. We are reviewing the feature points detailed in this article. Let’s get started…

What is feature points?

Feature Points is a Website/app, That allows you to participate in different tasks and surveys. You will be rewarded with various amounts of points for completing every task and survey. It’s a great extra income opportunity from home, and it does not require any qualification or experience.

How To Earn from Feature Points?


Earning from feature points is a process that involves doing research and completing activities. Research Studies, also known as surveys, are one of the easiest ways to earn Feature points. You can choose different studies based on your age or language. You will have to answer survey questions accurately and truthfully in order to get points. Once you are done with your survey, there is no need to worry about it. The earned points will be credited to your account within minutes!

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Downloading Apps

This method of earning only works in their official mobile app. If you have a smartphone, then you can download the official feature points mobile app from Google Play Store or any other app store.

Instant Win Contests

Feature Contest

Play and earn instantly up to 63000 points. Select a card to play from the win tab on the app/website and scratch the reveal symbols. Match up to 3 symbols, and you can win exciting prizes.

However, every time you are completing a task like downloading apps, completing surveys, And earning at least 20 points from these tasks, then you can also earn 1 contest token. Only you can enter into a contest using these tokens.

Referring Friends

You will Earn 50% of the points they’re earning in different activities. Such as completing surveys, downloading mobile apps, etc… Get your Referral link or code from the Share page and share it on your Facebook and other social media platforms.

Feature Points Referral Code

How To Join feature points?

Joining Feature Points, It’s free and anyone can do without any Country restriction. When signing up for feature points, use this Referral code GTNS7G and receive 50 points instantly to your account.

  • Enter your email address, then click I am not a robot button
  • Then fill password and your name
  • Click agree to terms&condition
  • Next fill this referral code GTNS7G
  • You can complete those profile questions or skip directly to feature points home

How Feature Points Get paid?

Feature Points Earning, Feature points review
Feature Points Rewards

Completed Every Task, You Will be rewarded in certain Points. These earned points can be exchanged for PayPal money, Bitcoin, and various gift cards.

PayPal Cash

To Withdraw feature points to PayPal cash, you have to need minimum points of 3000. It will be equal to $5. Once the threshold is reached, you can simply click withdraw amount and get into PayPal.


If you want to withdraw from various gift cards, Then select the gift card section. There are Servel Gift cards available like Amazon, Flipkart, etc…

The minimum withdrawal is 6000 points. If you choose a Flipkart gift card then the minimum withdrawal is 1200 Points.


If you Want to Feature Points to Withdraw in a bitcoin, You will just need to have a Coinbase Crypto Wallet. If you still don’t have a Coinbase Wallet, Then Sign up Here…

Important Point Here, make sure it’s the Same Email Address used in Both Coinbase and Feature Points to Redeem in Bitcoin.

Do Feature Points Expire?

If You Haven’t visited or used Feature Points for more than 60 Days. Your Feature Points will expire, and also it’s reset to zero.

Is Feature Points Legit or Not?

Yes, Feature Points is legit. But I am Not Saying you will earn lots of money from Feature Points. It will be to Give Some Passive income Online. If you need to quickly get the Threshold, Then Use the official Mobile App.

Feature points FAQ

feature points real or fake

Feature Points is legit. But I am Not Saying you will earn lots of money from Feature Points. It will be to Give Some Passive income Online.

How do you make money with feature points?

There are several ways you can make money with feature points. surveys, completing tasks, participating in contests, downloading apps, referring friends much more.

feature points refferal code?

When signing up for feature points, use this Referral code GTNS7G and receive 50 points instantly to your account.

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