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BTC click bot Review | Earn Free Bitcoins Through Telegram

Btc click bot review
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The rice of bitcoin cryptocurrency has made it possible to earn money online in many ways. We have already discussed a few of them. In its article, we will share with you how you can earn Bitcoins Through Telegram Bot.

What is Telegram BTC click bot?

BTC click bot is a free paying telegram bot. That gives to earn money by visiting sites, joining other telegram channels, Register other websites. They have also run other crypto telegram bots, Doge click bot, and LTC Click bot.

We have already Written About the Doge click bot. Read and Earn Doge click Bot here

btc click bot
BTC click bot

How to Join BTC, click bot?

Joining BTC click bot is Simple. You don’t have to need a signup process or any other formalities, just need a telegram account. As simple, click here and join directly to the BTC telegram bot.

Btc click bot
BTC click bot

Ways to Make Money with BTC click bot

There are two main ways you can earn money with this BTC click bot. Visit sites and Referral programs.

Visit Sites

To earn free bitcoins,

  • Enter Visit sites in the BTC click bot
  • Then it will show you an ad
  • Simply click Go to website
  • Wait 10 to 20 seconds, Complete the

Once completed Those steps, The earned Satoshi will be credited to your account.

Refferal Program

Referral program is the another way of earning from BTC click bot. Invite people to join BTC click and earn a commission of 15% to your user’s earnings and 1% they spend on ads.

Withdraw from BTC Click bot

To withdraw from BTC click bot, you have minimum of a 5000 Satoshi into your Account. Withdrawal will only work, you have a bitcoin wallet. To create a Coinbase wallet, click here.

  • Write command Withdraw
  • Enter Amount to withdraw
  • Copy and paste your wallet address
  • Confirm your Withdrawal

BTC click bot
BTC click bot

BTC click bot Commands

  1. Visit sites — to earn bitcoins
  2. Balance — to know your balance
  3. Referrals — to know your refferal link
  4. Withdraw — to withdraw your balance
  5. Menu — to see options
  6. Join chats — to earn bitcoins

Is BTC click bot is legit?

BTC click bot 100% legit. They pay regularly to their users real bitcoins. You can earn small amounts of bitcoins through this telegram bot. I would say this will help you when bitcoin prize increases in the future.

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