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Best freelance websites for beginners: Low completion and high paid

Best freelance websites for beginners
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Finding work in the freelance world can be hard, especially if you’re a beginner. It’s a very competitive world with many talented writers, programmers, designers, and others competing for the same spot. If you’re just starting in the field of freelancing, then it is important to give yourself a leg up on your competition. One way to do this, joining more freelance websites. So, in this article, we review the best freelancing websites for beginners. You can find those that best fit your needs.

Tips for freelance beginners

It’s not always easy to get your first client, before opening an account in freelancing sites you have to follow these tips to succeed in your freelancing journey.

Complete profile on freelance websites

Your profile is one of the main tools you have to sell yourself on freelancing websites. If it looks bad and doesn’t show you in a good light then you can’t expect to get many clients. So, you need to make sure that your profile is 100% honest, informative, and well written.

That honest information can be adding a good profile photo, clear-cut your professional experience, what’s service you offer, portfolio. Moreover, it’s a great way to build a professional relationship with freelancing websites.

Pricing on your service as a beginner freelancer

Lots of beginner freelancers tend to underestimate the importance of pricing their services. At the begging of your freelancing career, a reasonable initial price that’s not too high or too low is easier for clients to accept. You also want to compete but not undercut other freelancers with lower rates.

Build personal branding as a beginner freelancer

Brand helps stand out and show our own individualism. Beginning of your freelancing career create a personal brand, it could be creating a portfolio and showing off yourself. Moreover, It’s more than just a logo or a color scheme, it’s about the customer experience and how we address them as an individual even if they’re just browsing through your profile.

Be Transparent with your freelancer clients

It’s imported whenever a client is interested in your work, straightforward explain your work to the client. It could be how you work on the project, how much time it takes if you have more works at a time etc…

If you can effectively explain who you are and what you’re there to offer, your client will be more likely to accept your pitch, regardless of whether it’s a conflict. Also, if you’ve been transparent with them from the very beginning about why you’re an ideal candidate for their work, it is all the better for you when it comes to getting good reviews on freelancing sites.

So, now let’s look few best low-completion freelancing websites for beginners.

FiveSquid is a trusted United Kingdom-based freelancing platform, which provides a variety of service categories. Like you can buy or sell services at a starting price of five pounds.

Fivesquid freelancing website
Fivesquid freelancing website

A freelance service provider, all you have to do is sign up for, create a service based on your skill includes a hi-catchy title and description. Also, assign a price range from five, ten, twenty, or fifty pounds and submit for approval. Once, it’s approved by the fivesquid team your service will be on live.

In addition, If you have to create custom orders for buyers, you’ll need to upgrade your normal account into a pro seller account. Once a buyer is contacted to create a custom order via your inbox, then you can see a create custom order option on your inbox. Generate a custom order and send it to the buyer.

FiveSquid commissions depend on various formats. For every  £5 order seller fee is  £1,  £10 order it will be  £2, every  £20 order  £17, finally every  £50 order  £45 commission. This is not applicable for custom orders.

FiveSquid freelancing pros

  • PayPal withdrawal
  • Wide-verity of categories
  • Trusted site

Remotetechjobs freelancing platform for technology-related jobs headquartered in Utah. They do not have any physical office location, but employees work from the comfort of their homes because they value freedom and working whenever suits employees best.

freelance websites for beginners
Freelance websites for beginners

You can find any type of job in remotetechjobs related programming. This will be front-end development, back-end, software engineer, blockchain technology, android development, etc. also it’s a trusted platform because they use directly stack overflow and indeed profiles applying for jobs. So, you have to need stack overflow, indeed profiles to apply to jobs.

Pros of working remotetechjobs

  • Trusted platform
  • High income jobs is a completely remote job service platform. Founded by Sara Fell in 2007. This platform lists remote job opportunities from over 4500 companies and offers job opportunities such as developer, writer, data entry, accounting, project managers, and much more.

Development, writing, marketing, design are the most popular and demanded categories in it’s not necessary to apply for these categories of jobs, also you can apply for all the other categories of jobs easily.

It is free to use for seeking jobs as a professional, but you’ll pay $299 for posting jobs for 30 days. For longer terms, there are 60 day and 90 days plans, too. The great thing about this site, you can seek jobs however you want without restrictions.

Pros of freelancing

  • Lots of jobs available
  • Trusted jobs

Any task is a new innovation freelancing platform like that utilizes a blockchain-based payment system from electroneum ltd. It provides selling options in different types of categories including IT, graphics, NFT art, translation, web development, and social media services that are most affordable at $1.

Any task freelance websites for beginners
Any task freelancing website

Visual design, programming, NFT digital art, writing, marketing, photography, video animations are there are lots of categories available on any task. Just create a task listing and lead potential contractors to your project.

Moreover, most attractive about any Where other platforms chargers different amount’s seller fees, but in any task as a seller entirely free to sell any services. Since their launch continuously innovates attractive features.

AnyTask pros

  • Sell services without seller fee
  • Sell anything
  • NFT selling

Golance is a freelancing platform that provides an alternative to websites like PeoplePerHour or Upwork. However, freelancers must create profiles in order to bid on posted projects. These projects are posted by companies that are already using their services here at They offer both fixed price and hourly contracts so that freelancers can select which one best suits them.

Golance freelance websites for beginners
Golance freelancing website

A most attractive feature, understanding where you spend on your projects using the golance go meter app. It helps better understand how much time need to complete the projects, according you can improve your productivity. Also, use the work diary tool to look up an overview of your gigs monthly.

Comes on the golance commission fee, it keeps an affordable fee of 7.95% from all payments. No, any membership and hidden fees. Also, golance provides good customer support without any limitations.

Pros of golance freelancing

  • Affordable fee
  • Different payment methods
  • Tracking tools is a freelancing platform founded in 1998 that offers procuring services to buyers from all over the world, working similarly to how Golance,, and other similar platforms operate. Buyers are able to post their project requirements, freelance entrepreneurs can then send in bids for the job.

You can choose a free or paid membership for bidding projects. Free members get 10 bids per month, After continuing to bid projects purchase bids for your needs.

It’s true that freelancers often have to pay a certain fee (which from 4.95% to 8.95%) in order to participate in the project because they will be taking on the role of being your own independent contractor. This is why there is a need to have some form of agreement drawn up before work begins; however, as beginner freelancers, it would make sense that you are looking for only one or two small projects when starting out so those fees shouldn’t be applied!


When you start a freelancing career, it is important to choose the right platform to start. It should provide you with the necessary resources and help you succeed in your career. Freelancing sites like,, and are two of the best platforms that you can pick from.

But for beginners, it’s really competitive in those high-value freelancing sites. Moreover, it is difficult to survive there as most of the experienced successful freelancers have already taken up every relevant project there. This means that you will probably be getting less work because of the availability bias and besides you are. Also paying a lot more than what the skill really worth, so I wouldn’t bother with those high-value sites let’s move on to low competition ones.

We hope this article helps in your freelancing journey. We have already written part one of the best freelancing sites for beginners. Read here.

Freelancing websites for beginners FAQ

Is freelancing good for beginners?

As a student or learned a new skill, the way to go to freelancing in the beginning. But being a successful freelancer you have required lots of patience Because nowadays freelancing most competitive area. So keep learning skills and improve yourself.

Which Freelancing Sites are best for Beginners?

There are lots of sites that you can use for freelancing as a beginner. We discussed in this article the best low competition freelancing sites for beginners. This will help you a lot.

What are freelancing websites?

Freelancing websites are, where you can work from anywhere without joining any particular company. There are lots of freelancing websites available where you can get works easily.

Is AnyTask legit?

Any task is a 100% legit freelancing platform where you can post different categories of tasks without any changing seller fees.

How good is goLance?

Golance is an alternative freelance platform for people who want to bid on jobs posted on other platforms such as PeoplePerHour or Upwork. However, individual Golance users must first create profiles in order to participate in the bidding process.

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