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Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners 2022: Easy to start beginners

Best Affiliate programs for beginners
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Affiliate marketing has been the most popular and best method to make money online. But it’s not easy to start and succeed especially if you are a beginner. Starting into affiliate marketing as a beginner, the first thing you will likely think of is finding programs that are best for you as a beginner. To make an informed decision, you should ask yourself if the program has a good reputation, how counts lead, and have good commission rates.

To become a successful affiliate marketer, you have to choose the right affiliate programs. In this blog, we will go through some of the best affiliate programs to start as a beginner.

Best Affiliate marketing programs for beginners 2022

1. GetResponse

Getresponse affiliate program
Getresponse Affiliate program

This is a proven email marketing solution for all kinds of industries. Also, they offer one of the best affiliate program. There are two kinds of affiliate programs available. You can either choose $100 for each sale that’s generated or a percentage of 33% recurring commissions.

Also comparing other affiliate programs cookie days, getresponse cookie days last for 120 days, Which is comparatively great from among those.

When comes to affiliate tools they offer, the best thing about the getResponse affiliate program you can use tons wide-verity of pre-maid tools in different languages. Example videos, Banners, Infographics, Text ads, logos, and many more. Moreover, if you have any kind of issue, there is an affiliate manager available to solve your issues.

GetResponse affiliate marketing payout threshold $50 to request payment. But, getresponse holds your commissions for three months to check fraud illegal activities. Payments paid through PayPal. Easy to join and start affiliate marketing for a beginner.


  • Recurring commission
  • Life-time earning potential
  • Long last cookie days
  • Useful affiliate promotional materials

2. Bluehost

Bluehost signup affiliate program
Bluehost affiliate program

World’s no 1 web hosting platform Bluehost, also where you can sign up for their affiliate program completely free. As a beginner, it’s easy to join without any restriction and promote a wide variety of services. It includes shared hosting, WordPress hosting, vps hosting, dedicated hosting so on. Read more about Bluehost features.

In Bluehost, you’ll earn commissions per sale. Right now paying $65 per successful sale. Also, payout commission depends on how much sales are generated in a month. It means the more sales you generated, the higher commission you’ll get.

Also, you’ll get 90 days of cookie life, once a user visits or sign up for using your own unique affiliate link. To generate a Bluehost affiliate link you need an email, website, and PayPal address.

You need a PayPal account to get payouts from Bluehost affiliate program. Moreover, Bluehost reviews their all generated sales, and it takes around 45 to 60 days to complete. So you have to wait before requesting a payout.

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  • Huge potential for earning
  • Long last cookie days
  • Easy to join

3. Amazon affiliate program

Amazon affiliate program
Amazon affiliate program

The world’s largest online retailer, Amazon offers a wide range of products. Also, This largest online retailer provides an opportunity to promote products and earn attractive commissions on sales. Moreover, the Amazon affiliate program is one of the most popular affiliate programs. It’s easy to join and there are no complex rules. If you can make good enough sales from the Amazon affiliate program, then you will get a handsome commission.

Amazon paying commissions in category-based. Suppose you want to promote kitchen accessories commissions would be 9% per successful sale. On the other hand, if you have to promote electronic accessories then It would be 6%. So, commission rates depend on category base. Also, you can promote Amazon’s other services like prime video, music, etc…

In addition, Amazon gives many promotional materials like links, banners, specific product link creation, specific category link building, and more. Also provides deep linking. Instead of using a generic home page, you can link to product-related pages.

As a beginner affiliate marketer, your biggest challenge is that if you aren’t able to generate sales during the first six months, your account will be suspended. If this happens, you can always re-join the affiliate program. But campaigns that you promoted expired and might need to replace with new links.


  • Easy to join
  • Tons of products available
  • Different Promotional materials
  • Growthful


  • Available only on specific countries
  • Account deactivation for no sales

3. Hostinger

Hostinger affiliate program
Hostinger affiliate program

One of the best popular affordable web hosting providers in the world. The main reason why they are so popular, is they provide web hosting services affordable with incredible features. So, the hostinger affiliate program is the best way to promote a targeted audience as a beginner affiliate marketer. Before joining checkout hostinger features and plans here.

It’s free to sign up in the hostinger affiliate program. Moreover, the hostinger affiliate program also gives you tons of promotional materials. It includes banners, infographics, logos, and many more. Also, the program offers 30 days of cookie duration.

Hostinger gives a commission of 60% for every successful sale. Like the Bluehost affiliate program as you generate more sales in a month, then you’ll get a higher commission rate. However, those as beginners in affiliate marketing will receive 60% on every sale.

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  • Unlimited opportunity
  • Great features
  • Attractive commission rate

4. Click bank affiliate network

Clickbank affiliate program
Clickbank affiliate program

If you didn’t know what is ClickBank, it’s a popular affiliate marketing platform where you can join dozens of affiliate programs and earn money through affiliate commission. Available different popular niches category of products like beauty, diet, health, electronics, business, education, games, sports, travel and many more…

Join ClickBank, the sign-up process is simple and very straightforward. However, finding the right affiliate program is important as a beginner affiliate marketer. You can get profitable and earning potential programs either using keyword research or browsing your targeted niche.

ClickBank provides weekly payments once you earn a threshold of at least $10 in sales. Payments typically take between 4 and 6 weeks to reflect on your account. You can set your PayPal payment information on the dashboard>payment information tab. Also, ClickBank provides additional tools like how many visitors are on your link, how many clicks, etc…


  • Wide range of opportunities
  • High commissions
  • 60-day cookie access
  • Recurring commissions
  • Pre-approved products

5. Fiver Affiliate program

Fiver affiliate program
Fiver affiliate program is the world’s leading online freelance platform. Like all the affiliate programs on this list, the fiver affiliate program is easy to join and quick approval process.

Attractive about the fiver affiliate program, it provides different commission structures to their promoters. CPA, hybrid model, sub-affiliate model so on.

In the CPA model, your leads have to purchase on fiver. However, commission rates are higher also different commission rates in every category. In the hybrid model mixture between CPA and revenue. Included CPA also small revenue shared every time your leads make a purchase. Finally, sub-affiliate. If you are a beginner affiliate marketer, you can also earn promoting fiver affiliate program to other affiliates marketers. It’s a recurring commission of 10% every time earned from referred affiliates.

Fiver gives tons of marketing to promote their affiliate program. Like banners, pixels, and guides for affiliate marketing. You can use them to promote in different channels.

Comes into the payment part, there is a payment threshold of $100. So, you have earned at least $100 before requesting the withdrawal. However, the fiver affiliate program supports PayPal, Bank Transfer, and direct deposits for US citizens.

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  • Easy to join
  • Wide range of promotional tools
  • Unique affiliate commission
  • Big market-big growth

6. Share a Sale

Share a sale Affiliate program
Share a Sale Affiliate program

This is one of the leading affiliate marketing network. It offers access to thousands of merchants, including a wide range of categories. Share a sale also have its own affiliate program. So you can join those and promote using different channels.

In share a sale, the affiliate program is breakdown into two parts, pay per lead and pay per sale. Pay per lead commission based on converting a lead, this will be signing up, downloading software, competing for a trial program, etc… on the other hand, pay per sale merchants paid based on converting leads into sales. So leads have to make a purchase on a particular affiliate product.

However, promote share a sale own affiliate program, you don’t need any approval. Once you join share a sale affiliate network right away you can promote.


  • Most popular affiliate network
  • Unlimited opportunities
  • Instant approval (share a sale individual affiliate marketing)

7. Vultr

Vultr affiliate program
Vultr affiliate program

It’s a US-based company that specializes in cloud hosting and has been operating since 2014. Their clients can gain access to an attractive amount of ram, processing power, and hard drive space at a price of around $2.50 per month. Like all the other major web hosting companies vultr also have its own attractive affiliate program.

Join the vultr affiliate program and earn a commission of $10 for every user who signs up using your link. also new users will receive $100 free credit to utilize their services. This makes a great chance for beginner affiliate marketers to increase sales.

Vultr affiliate marketers get paid when reaching the minimum threshold of $100. Once the threshold reaches they paid through PayPal on the 1st and 15th of every month. Also, vultr provides a variety of promotional materials like logs, banners, etc…

8. Gmass

This is a bulk cold email sending software. Gmass allows you to integrate it with your Gmail account and send multiple emails with a simple one-click. Furthermore, this tool gives you advance tracking features overall emails you send to that you can monitor their progress and success rate more easily.

Gmass affiliate program gives you an opportunity to earn commissions if you invite a paying subscriber to gmass. Commission rates work in three ways. 50% of first-year base monthly fees, 20% of first-year monthly fees in any team plan, 20% of second and third years of both individual and team plans.

Unlike most affiliate programs, gmass handles all payouts without using any third party. It offers to withdrew payments in PayPal, Amazon gift card and other payment services once meet the $20 threshold.

For Beginner affiliate marketers this guide will helps you to how to join the gmass affiliate program.


There are many affiliate programs, but they are not all the same. When you start looking for affiliate programs, you’ll find that they all have different benefits and drawbacks. Some affiliate programs are better for beginner affiliate marketers, while others are specifically for experienced affiliate marketers.

In this article we shared some best affiliate marketing programs like Bluehost, fiver, gmass so on. So, you can use those affiliate programs as a beginner and succeed in the long term.

Moreover, if you are just getting started with affiliate marketing, you may decide to sign up for larger affiliate programs rather than simple and easy to start as a beginner. Hope this post helps you find the best affiliate programs. Comment your thoughts.

Best Affiliate programs FAQ

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simply, promoting a particular product or service from a brand or another person. If any action happened, an affiliate like you earns a commission. You can work with an individual affiliate program or multiple affiliate programs.

What is the most popular affiliate program?

There are many popular affiliate programs available. Bluehost, getresponse, hostinger are some popular affiliate programs.

Which affiliate program is the best for beginners?

There are many affiliate programs, but they are not all the same. Some affiliate programs are better for beginner affiliate marketers, while others are specifically for experienced affiliate marketers. So in this article, we discussed the best affiliate programs for beginners as easy to join.

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