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Bee network Cryptocurrency | Is Bee Network a scam cryptocurrency?

Bee network cryptocurrency review
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In this decade, cryptocurrency is a new trend that is attracting a lot of attention. This trend is not limited, people understand the technical aspects of cryptocurrency. Also investing, mining cryptos like bee network simply makes money. But if you are new to the concept of how cryptocurrency works, then all concepts could seem complicated.

You know now cryptocurrency has proven to be an innovative way to earn money. If you want to earn cryptocurrency through bee network on mobile, but don’t know how to mine on mobile. Here is the way to do it.

What is Bee Network?

Bee network is a new trending way of cryptocurrency, like the pi network. Bee network can be mine by using a smartphone. That men’s earn bee rewards on your smartphone. This will be done in three ways by playing the roles of pioneer, verifier, ambassador.

Bee network designed to exchange goods, services, and expertise in real life their mined bee network balance in the end list bee network on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

The bee network runs in three development phases. Phase one runs on 0 to 1 million users. The one million milestones have already been successfully completed. The phase is 1 million users to 10 million users. In this phase, they will add KYC to ensure the users are genuine.

Phase three of the bee network from 10 million users to 100 million users. In this phase with blockchain technology, they will develop an exchange value launch on the crypto marketplace. Now bee network running on this phase, so claim your bee coins now.

The supply of the bee network ends when the total users have hit 1 billion worldwide. So earlier joiners get more bee network coins better than late joiners.

Bee network login & Mining

This guide helps you to how to install the bee network and login, start mining.

  • Download bee network app
  • Open the App
  • Click continue with Facebook or phone number
bee network login
Bee network crypto app

Bee network gives flexible and different types of account opening methods. Apart from phone numbers and Facebook id sign-ups, it also supports direct google account sign up and email id. you can choose which one is comfortable for you.

  • Select your country code and enter phone number
  • Enter 6-digit code that received to your number
  • Next, setup account enter name and unique username
Bee network app login
Bee network mining review

Entering original names on the identity card, later, helps you complete KYC easier. Otherwise, you can choose which name you want to include.

  • Next, Enter referral code “msd77”

This code will help you to improve the security circle, also start mining the bee network.

  • Click cancel to continue to next step
  • Done. Mine every 24 hour and earn bee coins

Bee network user roles

As we discussed above, the bee network has three roles to earn bee coins. Pioneer, referral, and verifier.


In the pioneer role, in the phase one stage, every player gets 1.6 bee/ hour by logging in to the bee app and pressing the bee button every 24 hours. You don’t need to open the app after clicking the bee button, bee mining is an automatic process. Once 24 hours are complete, then you have to press the bee button again to start mining.

Bee network mining
Bee network mining

Base rate of 1.6 bees per hour in phase one, and it will down 50% to 0.8 bees per hour when total worldwide users hit 100k. It will cut again 50% to 0.4 bees per hour when the user base hits one million worldwide. And third 50% rate cut to 0.2 bees per hour when hits 10 million milestones. And the last 50% rate cut is 0.1 bees per hour when the user base hits 100 million.

So, mine and earn bees earlier as possible, get benefits of bee network. Otherwise, create an earning team with referring new users into bee network, it remains higher rate.

Referral Program

In this method of earning bees, you can refer new pioneers into the bee network to join, which will be able to earn more power of mining. Also, it helps to interact with your team members and accomplish upcoming missions together, in-app functions launched when it has entered the next phases.


The role of verifier was launched after the bee network entered phase 2. The idea of building versifiers, bee networks is to build a gaming community with trusted members. So they need versifiers to verify their identity, bring them into everyone’s verified network.

This needs every one of your security circle successfully complete the KYC process before you can utilize the full functions in the next phases.

Bee network value

Lots of companies launching cryptocurrencies and airdrops. Bee network is and how everything works, the thing you probably wanted to know the value of bee coin.

Let’s talk about the value of bee network, before that where is this coin coming from. Like bitcoin, it’s generated every time a block is mined and there is a hard cap on the total number that will exit. The hard cap makes a coin more scarce and more valuable than a coin generated from thin air.

Another factor in the value of a coin, which the method by which it is created. Is it built on top of an existing coin or a new method of creation? A new brand coin like pi network and bee network has huge potential because it’s completely different from others with a strong team behind and good marketing Champaign.

Anyway, the answer to the question, if bee coin has value, the answer is the value determined not yet. There is so much to go about calculating and determining the value of a bee coin. Then you can ask when it will value? Not in anytime soon. The reason behind that, this project is in the early stages. Once complete all steps, this will be a valued and selling opportunity in exchanges.

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Is Bee network legit or not?

The bee network is a legit cryptocurrency. You just need to start and mine bee coins continuously. As I said, you never need to keep open the bee application Once click the mine button every 24 hours, then it will be an automatic process.

It’s important to know every cryptocurrency launching, what’s the future plan, and how they implement practically with that particular digital coin/token. This will know from white paper.

You can read bee network white paper clicking here

Is bee network worth?

Yes, it is a future growth token/coin. If when launching bee coin, the price is around $1. Then you can get lots of benefits from this.

What is bee network invite code?

As we said, it’s important to enter the invite code. This will improve the security circle and continue mining on, this. So use the referral code “msd77”.

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