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5 Best Freelance Websites to work | you never heard before

top freelancing sites
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To do freelancing and the ability to work remotely is an increasing luxury in today’s world. The reason freelancing jobs are more popular day by day is due to their tons of advantages. Freelancing makes it possible for living and while being in full control over their life. Most people towards freelancing because of the feeling of not having a boss to tell, what to do, and choosing your leave.

Also for companies, freelancers have help them to save tons of money. Consider a company has needed a logo designer. To get a good graphic designer, they have two options. Either hire a graphic designer on a full-time basis to do their work. A full-time employee means the company will have to pay everything of benefits to that graphic designer.

The second option for the company, contact a freelancer to give the work. Unlike a graphic designer, a freelance will have to pay on a work basis without any giving extra benefits. Which saves lots of money for the company. This means hiring a freelancer, completing designing, and leaving.

In today’s world, so many freelancing websites are available. Also, it is market-leading freelancing sites difficult for bagginess to hire someone. It requires lots of hard works because competition is higher than ever. This is why we created this list of the best freelancing websites. It includes popular and newbies.

1. Fiver

Fiver freelancing site

If you are a newbie or experienced freelancer, you know the fiver website. Fiver is one of the most popular freelancing platform, where you can do many affordable jobs. The difference with other mainstream freelancing platforms, fiver uses the gig method to connect sellers and buyers. Once completed, sign up process and fill in profile information, then you can create gigs to sell service free.

It’s free to join and everyone can benefit from 24/7 support with protected payments. Fiver gigs start at the basic price of $5. This means you can sell any potential service at a $5 or higher price.

If your service is attractive and has less competition, buyers will purchase your service, and then you have to deliver work on deadline. Good communication skills and delivering value leads to more clients.

Fiver pros

  • Verity of services
  • Experienced
  • Best customer support
  • Interface easy to use
  • Verity of categories
  • Free to use
  • Affordable starting price

2. Latium

Latium freelancing

With Latium is a free-to-join freelancing website, you can do small micro-projects high-paying jobs. From other freelancing sites, with Latium, you can accept payments through cryptocurrency and $. Yes, even though I will say this is risky because high volatility of cryptocurrency, but in my opinion it’s good. The opportunity to hold some future digital money.

Like fiver, Latium works gig format to connect sellers and buyers. Offers numerous services from programming to designing and many more. It has free and paid freelancing opportunities. With three types of plans, with free for staters, get verified and Latium pro.

With a $12 verification plan, Latium provides their buyer’s trust and worth for hiring freelancers. Verification with face ID, then you can take verified only projects with a verified badge. Lots of higher jobs are verified only to accept.

Latium pros

  • Less competition
  • Payment in cryptos
  • Seller verification

3. Gigzoe

The Gigzoe is one of the most trusted Indian freelancing site. Gigzoe helps to showcase your skills’ with supports of lots of small & medium businesses. Also, it works on a mission to help tons of small businesses and freelancers to start to build, grow their businesses and careers.

Like fiver and Latium, gigzoe works gig format to connect buyers and sellers. After video tutorial profile questionnaire and KYC verification, then an interview connected based on profile information on the candidate. Once the interview is completed, gigzoe will decide to approve or not.

It has iOS and Android applications, making it easy to communicate with your buyers on the go. Also, gigzoe provides 100% refund protection and 24/7 support.

Gigzoe Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Payment protection
  • Verification process
  • Refund policy
  • WhatsApp Support system

4. Seo Clerk

seoclerk freelancing

Seo clerk is a free freelancing platform. This provides a list of your services in any category. But it’s mostly an SEO services marketplace. Seo clerk owned by lonicware includes a few companies, code clerk, listing clerk, word clerk, and pixel clerk.

Seo clerk categories include Article writing, backlink building, directory submission, building WordPress site, guest posts, etc… create a gig based on what service you want to sell. Once posted, your service buyers will book your service. The best thing about SEO clerk, you can sell different types of softwares and programming scripts.

Example backlink software, domain checker software, PHP scripts, JavaScript programs, etc…

Seo clerk Pros

  • Free to start
  • Excellent support
  • Sell software programs and coding scripts
  • Set your own price

5. Peopleperhour

Peoplepehour freelancing

Like and fiver, PeoplePerHour is another popular freelancing website. This PeoplePerHour works to connect freelancers and businesses. Freelancers can showcase their skills on various business projects by sending proposals.

All freelancer’s proposals are collected in a single place and later business owners will review and compare, then choose quality freelancers to work on projects.

Also, PeoplePerHour works A.I. (artificial intelligence) system, with this feature PeoplePerHour matches the best projects based on your profile and skills. There are 15 categories available sellers and buyers choose from, this includes programming, marketing, SEO, writing, design, etc…

Peopleperhour Pros

  • Approved certified and professionals
  • Support system
  • Safe and Trusted
  • Boost profiles with ratings


Upwork freelancing marketplace

The Upwork is the most professional and best freelancing marketplace platform. Upwork helps professional freelancers to find projects, communicate with lots of clients, and get paid.

If you are a beginner and have no experience in the field, In most popular freelancing sites are hard to get work. But in the Upwork freelancing platform, lots of new workers are willing to take work for a lower rate. Overall, It’s easy to start and find jobs to make money from them.

The Upwork works connect (connect to submit a proposal) and proposal format to connect freelancers to employers. Also, you can find work of two types, paying hourly for a project and paying fixed-price projects.

Upwork Pros

  • Professional platform
  • beginner-friendly
  • Tons of opportunities
  • Privacy policy


We hope our article helps you find new freelancing sites. There are many reasons to you might be interested in freelancing. The flexibility offering freelancing is amazing. Please try those sites and showcase your skills.

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