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5 Best Free SEO & Keyword research Tools for YouTube

5 Free youtube seo tools
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Nowadays, Video is one of the best and popular ways of connecting people and engages with friends. YouTube comes into the picture, everybody knows YouTube is the place not just for watching the video, It’s also monetizing your video content.

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, right after its parent Google. So creating YouTube videos better chance you have ranked in the search results. Whether you are building out a content marketing strategy or trying to grow your business and get more views on your YouTube channel. Whatever, it’s important to know and do the SEO part. So in this blog, we will be discussing the 5 best free SEO & Keyword research tools to grow your YouTube journey. This article will help you a lot.

What is SEO in YouTube ?

SEO (search engine optimization) is the most impotent aspect to grow your digital marketing Journey. If you don’t optimize your videos for search engines, you will not get the results that you have wanted.

Search engine optimization is done by using write keywords for particular videos or content. Placing the right keywords is the best way to rank and get the most out of your content marketing statuary.

Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t have any own SEO tools

What is YouTube Keywords?

Using the Best and relevant keywords will help your viewers find your content. Keywords must need an aspect that the YouTube algorithm needs to find content for the right and interest people.

According to YouTube, Every minute, 30000 hours of content uploading on YouTube. Without targeted keywords, it can be difficult to rank and search appearance.

YouTube algorithm recommends for searching query, what’re the words people use to find content, adding these relevant search terms in titles and descriptions to helps you rank your content.

1. Tube Buddy – Best YouTube keyword tool

TubeBuddy is the best keyword research & SEO tool for YouTubers. It’s available in the browser extension. Add your browser and do keyword research, much more for your YouTube channel growth.

TubeBuddy supports Installing extension Chrome, Firefox, and Edge Browsers.

Tube buddy youtube seo
Tube Buddy features

After you complete the installation process, go to YouTube and you will see the top right corner TubeBuddy icon, simply click that start exploring TubeBuddy features. Also, you can consider tubebuddy paid plans starting from $7.20 to $15.20 and 39.20 for a month if you need.

TubeBuddy Features

TubeBuddy has many solutions for all your YouTube things. From productivity to Data & Research. Few major categories have shown below, this is a sample. Many more features were available in every category for YouTube growth.


TubeBuddy productivity features help you to do advanced video embedding, comment formatting, clickable end screen templates, Scheduled publish, thumbnail creation, etc… and much more.

Use these tools to increase your YouTube channel productivity, get more views and subscribers.

Bulk Processing

The bulk processing feature, lets, helps you do a single process in bulk. Bulk delete, bulk edit, bulk copy end screens, bulk update cards, etc… this will help you to increase productivity and time management.

Video SEO

Video SEO, I know that you’re here. Tubebuddy video SEO feature helps you more on YouTube SEO. Auto-translated, keyword explorer, search explorer, search positions, tag lists, tag ranking, and many more features available.

Data & Research

Data & research help you to track any activity related to your brand, Channel valuation, channel backup, channelytics, competitor scorecard, health report, search insights, etc… also you can grant your team members to access your tubebuddy account.


TubeBuddy promotion tool helps you, know channel milestones, the best time to publish videos, giveaway winner picking, etc. also you can share your YouTube videos to other social media directly to TubeBuddy promotion tool.

TubeBuddy Keyword tool

The keyword tool of Tubebuddy helps you a lot to grow your YouTube channel. It will help you get maximum information about keywords. And your videos higher up in the search results get more views.

Also, find long-tail keywords to better target the right audience, so what people are looking for on YouTube. Use trending tags to keep your videos long after they once published.

Tubebuddy offers you so many features, it’s guaranteed YouTube growth without any doubt. Get full access TubeBuddy with their premium plans. It’s only $7.

Tubebuddy pricing - the best keyword & SEO tool for YouTube
TubeBuddy plans

2. Keyword

Keyword is one of the best keyword tool for all social media platforms, including YouTube. When you’re entering a keyword, it would give you Keyword suggestions, Hashtags, related questions, etc…

With keyword suggestions, including search volume, Trend, CPC, and Competition. It will help you pick relevant keywords for your topics.

Also, you can use the negative keyword feature, which helps you exclude irrelevant keywords for your topics.

Question and preposition tabs, help you find auto-suggestions based on your targeted keyword.

Keyword Pricing

Keyword pro gives to uncover hidden keywords more than every search in comparison to the free version. Also, accurate YouTube search volume helps you focus on impotent and relevant keywords.

Keyword has three different plans with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Starting with $69 per month to a Higher plan, $159 per month.

All three plans features are the same, except API requests $159 per month plan. So you can select whatever plans according to your budget.

Youtube seo tool

Keyword tool helps you a lot in keyword volume and competition, it’s very important to selecting keywords for YouTube. But it compares to other keyword tools, the price is too costly.

3. VidIQ — YouTube Chrome Extension

VidIQ is a free and paid keyword research browser extension with smart tools, YouTube SEO features, Competitor keyword research, tag management, and channel management options. It helps discover trending and viral videos to help you to create better Topics.

VidIQ features - best tool for YouTube SEO & keyword
VidIQ features

Simply install vidIQ browser extension, and go to YouTube, start exploring it.

What’s I like most about vidIQ, The keyword research tool of vidiq provides an easy way to find the completion of your keywords. It is the most impotent thing for YouTube SEO. If you’re targeting highly competitive keywords, it is very little chance of higher search results and more views.

VidIQ also gives you an opportunity to import all video tags to CSV format with just one click.

Few Advantages of VidIQ

  1. Improve your organic search
  2. channel management are easy
  3. Providing daily topics ideas
  4. Help to find trending videos
  5. Best competitor analysis

VidIQ premium features plans starting from $7.50 a month to Boost+ plans are $415 for a Month. Started with a free basic plan, once you can try their pro plans to increase views and subscribers.

You may be wondering if you can use vidIQ and Tube buddy at the same time.? Yes, you can use these two tools together. Its works together will gives better results.

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4. Google Trends — Trend Analyzer

Google trends show you interest in a particular topic that you are looking to create a video. It also helps you find trends with particular regions in would.

It is free to use, and it is important your channel up-to-date trends and people interests. So you can see which topics are rising on YouTube.

Google trends gives data from its own search results. It provides accurate data with a clean interface.

Google trends
Google trends


Google trends help to find How your keywords performing in various regions wise. Also, you can search subregions, cities, etc… that’s mean if you live in America, you can search and track performers in India and Indian states.


You can see different categories, how your term is performing. Such as Arts & Entertainment, beauty & fitness, finance, sports, etc…

Web Search

You can search how trends work in different ways on Google. Web search, image search, news search, Google shopping, YouTube search. These options gives you how is trend is going to a particular keyword.

Related topics

This feature of google trends helps you a lot. If you are running out of content or struggling to find content. This feature helps you to what the relevant topics trending right now, which topics rising right now, so you can create according to that.

Google trend is the right tool for YouTube SEO picking the right keywords, Rising content ideas, it would help you a lot.

5. YouTube Autosuggest – YouTube keywords

This is not a keyword research tool. But It would be worth your YouTube growth. Open YouTube and search your keyword without pressing the search button. YouTube will automatically suggest top keywords related to your search query.

YouTube auto suggest- for best YouTube keyword tool
YouTube Autosuggest

This will give you what are the keywords are people searching to find results. Also include many long-tail keywords, so this will be worth it for your YouTube SEO.

This will not give you any volume of search suggestions. But you can use these keywords and search volumes and other information using TubeBuddy, Google trends, or VidIQ.

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Bonus tool — SEMrush

SEMrush is a Free and paid tool for keyword research. semrush’s magic tool helps you find over 20 billion keywords, the best one for your video content. Also, there is a master list of related keywords, more useful.

Also, semrush provides you with Keyword variations, trend analysis, SERP analysis, and many more useful features.

Semrush features YouTube SEO and keyword toll
Semrush features

You can consider purchasing Semrushs paid plans for more unlimited access to useful features, plans to start from pro $119 per month to business $449 per month plan with a 7-day free trial.

Tools for Any SEO Challenge

Conclusion — 5 best SEO & keyword Research Tools for YouTube

Choosing right keywords and targeting right peoples is important to YouTube success. Targeting and picking right trends also helpful for growing your YouTube channel. I can say this article helps you lot in achieving that.

There are many keyword & SEO tools you can use for YouTube. Many of them help you find most popular keywords with volume to use to for your video. Others will help you find the best keywords for your video.

We hope, you enjoyed this article about 5 Best Free SEO & Keyword research Tools for YouTube. With this knowledge, you can find the most relevant keywords for your YouTube video and help you get more views.

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